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Hazardous materials logistics

Logistics related to hazardous products is subject to complex legislation that demands constant rigor.
GONDRAND offers complete services in this area through its agent VICTOR MARTINET, located in France (Persan branch).  33 (0)1 39 37 40 40

The specific logistics :

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products (raw materials).
  • FIFO management with product codes, lot numbers, fabrication or expiration dates.
  • Product warehouse intended for use by the pharmaceutical industry (special authorizations).
  • Product warehouse for animal food (special authorizations).
  • Site classified as CEVESO lower limit. Classification categories for inflammable liquids and solids, fitosanitary, corrosive and abrasive.
  • Transit center for industrial wastes (creation and registration of BDSI declarables in the Prefecture).
  • Management and follow-up of product samples and analysis certificates.
  • Follow-up of products, quarantine and return on lot.
  • Our own ADR equipped trucks, authorized to transport waste.
  • Safety consultants.
  • Customs warehouse.
  • Registered operator (under N° 1929R1200) for storage and liquidation of petroleum products (TIPP perception and TGAP payment for client accounts).