Gondrand transport company is specialized in domestic and international transport, multimodal transport and logistics.


With the 66 million Euros collected in 2011, which represents approximately 15 % of the gross fiscal income, CUSTOMS is one of the main funds suppliers to the French Government.

Gondrand is part of these “tax collectors”, nowadays called “Customs agents”, responsible for collecting duties and fees from the commercial entities to transfer them to the Administration.

 Gondrand is the professional that guides you in the administrative proceedings that must be complied with and followed, for exports as well as for imports.
 Gondrand ensures “customs warehouse” management for importing or exporting, which subjects your goods to fee suspension until they reach the chosen final destination.

Gondrand represents you :

  • in all of the international airports.
  • in all of the largest seaports.
  • in all of the main cities with Regional Customs Shipping Centers.
  • on the main border between the community and France’s only border country that is not part of said community: Switzerland.